Guitar Teachers

Our guitar teachers at Long Island School of Guitar have degrees in Music from accreditted universities and experience in the music industry. You will be taught by a professional who takes guitar seriously, not just some guy next door who knows how to play a few guitar chords. Lesson materials will be provided and personallized to meet your guitar playing goals, not just taught out of a book. Whether you are picking up the guitar for the first time and learning all the basics, or learning advanced improvisation and rock guitar shredding you will be shown the most efficient ways to practice. Most importantly, your guitar teacher cares about your progress and will mentor you to be the best guitar player you can be.

Featured Guitar Teacher:

Chris Fury- Artist website

Chris has a Bachelors of Arts in Music from Binghamton University. He is a full time professional guitar player, solo artist and has also played as a side man for well known artists such as Gold Recording artist Keith Murray. He has recorded and released his own records as well as toured and played in front of thousands of people. His debut solo instrumental rock album released 2014 titled "From Darkness".

Some other random musical facts about Chris:
  • Wrote an introduction song for a Major League Baseball Player
  • Has had music featured in movies
  • Has a song featured on an Wordwide Compilation CD release


As of this time Long Island School of Guitar is not hiring but please check back soon.

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