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Are you in any of these situations?

  • You want to play the guitar but don't know where or how to start
  • You are a parent looking for the best guitar lessons for your child
  • You've been learning guitar on your own, but feel stuck and frustrated and need help getting to the next level
  • You Wanna ROCK!!


Rock Guitar

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We do things a little different at The Long Island School of Guitar. You will not only be taught, but coached, trained, and mentored to meet your goals and get the results YOU want.

Reasons to start Guitar Lessons right NOW:

  • Individually Designed lessons based on your goals and interests
  • Experienced Professional Teachers so you learn quickly and efficiently
  • Avoid frustration and trial and error approach to learning guitar yourself
  • New Modern teaching style to not only reach your goals faster but to have fun!
  • Save money and time by getting the most effective and efficient instruction
  • All Rock Guitar styles: Classic Rock, Indie, Alternative, Pop, Grunge, Punk, Hard Rock, Metal, and Blues
  • Beginner to Advanced Instruction available

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Get the RESULTS that you deserve

Whether you are just a beginner brand new to the guitar looking for a rock solid foundation or an advanced level looking to further conquer the fretboard and improve your musicianship we can help you to get the results that you want. Everybody has a song to play and the The Long Island School of Guitar's mission is to get these songs to come out, from dream to reality.

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Lessons are ALL AGES

Oldest Student to date: 72
(never too late to begin rockin!)

Featured Teacher: Chris Fury

A formidable side man in bands and a frontman as an instrumental guitar solo artist, check out Chris Fury's YouTube channel. Artist website:

Featured Student: Jake Dieli

Not only did Jake win this Talent show but he successfully auditioned and will be attending college at NYU for guitar composition!! It's be an honor teaching Jake since he was 12 years old!!

Featured Student: Bobby Danzi

This is Bobby's Berklee School of Music's Summer Scholarship video. He did a cover of guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani's "Satch Boogie" and did such a killer job he was awarded a $1000 Scholarship to attend Berklee's summer program. He has been taking private lessons for 6 years as well has attended guitar classes and is looking to pursue a carreer in music. He was prepared and successfully auditioned to goto Berklee College of Music where he is attending college as a freshman now!

Featured Student: Tara Swicicki

Tara who started as a complete beginner started lessons 4 years ago in 2011. Check out her YouTube channel of covers and jams. She rocks!

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