"If you’re interested in furthering your musical knowledge, or just want to learn how to play, than Chris is the perfect teacher. I’m fourteen and truly love music. I’ve been playing for about three and a half years. Chris has been teaching me for about two years. I always strive to be the best musician that I can possibly be, and every week, month by month, Chris always helps me feel and sound better than before. Chris gets you on the fast track to becoming a great musician by learning not only songs, but the theory behind each and every note in the song. Chris is very organized, friendly, and is always optimistic. He teaches very fluidly. One exercise works right into the next, from lesson to lesson. I recommend taking lessons from Chris because he is a great teacher and friend."
Bobby Danzi (Student Age 14)

"I have been taking lessons with Chris for the past 5 months. Turning forty this year I wasn’t sure how I would respond with learning something new. Knowing this, Chris always takes it easy on me but still makes each lesson challenging, most importantly he never makes me feel old. If you are interested in taking lessons and are between the ages of 6 and 60 I would definitely recommend The Long Island School of Guitar."
- Jerry (Student Age 40)

"I've been playing the guitar for about two years now, and have had Chris as a guitar teacher for close to a year now. His organized and focused teaching style has made this a very productive year for my guitar career. Also, his lessons extend far beyond simple songs and exercises, as they teach you about the structure of the guitar and of music itself. With this new understanding, you can look at music in a new and exciting way. I would recommend The Long Island School of Guitar's lessons to anyone interested in the guitar because they put you on the fast track from guitar novice to expert."
- James (Student Age 16)

"Two of my sons have been taking guitar lessons with The Long Island School of Guitar for about 1 1/2 years. I would highly recommend Chris as a teacher for other families. Chris is a patient and skilled instructor who truly cares about bringing out the best in his students. He is extremely reliable, organized and responsible. More importantly, he is passionate about music and sharing his love of music with his students. Furthermore, Chris serves as an outstanding role model for our kids. He is a sincere, fun and optimistic person with a great sense of himself. He lives a healthy lifestyle, works hard and follows his heart and I am grateful that my boys have someone in their lives that they can look up to like Chris. My sons have learned so much about music from Chris and they look forward every week to their lesson. Guitar lessons from The Long Island School of Guitar are well worth the investment as the skills and the values learned will undoubtedly last a lifetime."
- Amy Klopp (Parent from Sayville, NY)

"Chris is an excellent guitar teacher. He is very patient and very willing to help me on every occasion. He is friendly and kind and always there for me. Chris is a fabulous role model. I have been taking guitar lessons for a year and a half and Chris is great at teaching guitar. I have gotten high amounts of progress with Chris. You will see high results with your child if they want to learn guitar. I highly recommend Chris as a guitar teacher for anyone because he is nice, hard working and patient."
- William (Student Age 10)

"My son, Nicholas, is eleven years old and recently decided he wanted to learn to play the guitar. A friend recommended Chris to us and we could not be happier. Chris relates so well with Nicholas and teaches with such enthusiasm that in seven short months Nicholas has found a new passion. Chris is highly organized and has not only taught Nicholas the fundamentals of guitar, but he has also fostered a true appreciation for music. I would highly recommend Chris to aspiring guitar players of all ages and levels. He is a true professional both in his work ethic and musical talent! Thank-you Chris for introducing Nicholas to the world of music!!!!!!"
- Janine Villez (Parent of 11 year old student)

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